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Nutrilite Iron-Folic Food Supplement

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NUTRILITE Iron-Folic is a unique combination of Iron and Folic acid. Nutrilite Iron-Folic provides two of the best tolerated and well absorbed forms of iron (ferrous fumarate and ferrous gluconate), combined with folic acid in a base containing the exclusive Nutrilite Spinach Concentrate.

Nutrilite Iron-Folic…. Two important nutrients, one powerful supplement

Iron makes haemoglobin and haemoglobin carries oxygen to each and every part of your body. Iron also fortifies your body to fight infection. You also need iron to produce energy from food – that’s why low iron levels can make you tired and lethargic.

Folic acid is essential for absorption of Iron. Is essential in formation & maintenance of RBCs as well as supports brain function & foetal development.

Folic acid is necessary in the daily metabolic processes of the body as it plays an important role in red cell metabolism and DNA synthesis. Human growth and development is highly reliant on folic acid and would not proceed properly without adequate amounts of this vitamin.

Another recently discovered role for folic acid aside from normal cell growth and division is its property for homocysteine level reduction. Homocysteine levels are positively correlated with atherosclerosis and heart disease, which means that the higher the homocysteine level, the higher the risk is for heart disease. Folic acid promotes the conversion of homocysteine into a less toxic substance, hence decreasing a person’s susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, concomitant studies have also demonstrated that a folic acid food supplement reduces cardiovascular risk more successfully than intake from the diet alone.

Benifits :

Each serving of Nutrilite Iron-Folic provides 15 mg of Iron, 133 mcg of Folic acid and 142 mg of Nutrilite Spinach Concentrate.

Provides two of the best tolerated and well absorbed forms of iron (ferrous fumarate and ferrous gluconate),

No artificial colours, flavors or preservatives added.

Tablets with the unique Nutrilock coating which makes them easy to swallow

Drink plenty of fluids and take a diet rich in Vitamin C for optimal absorption

Nutrilite Iron-Folic can be taken by anyone who:

Is interested in supplementing their daily diet with iron.

Wishes to increase their intake of folic acid.

May not consume adequate amounts of meat, whole grains, enriched cereals, legumes and vegetables or consumes high amounts of processed foods.

Adolescents, especially adolescent women.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers

Persons who have a high cardiovascular risk

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Written by Upender Kumar

July 16, 2010 at 6:28 am

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